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Nicklas Hemming

Nicklas Hemming is an award-winning screenwriter and director born in Copenhagen (1988).

Prior to directing Nicklas started his career as a photographer, which brings an authentic aesthetic to his projects.
He has always been fascinated with the small magical moments of every day life and with a combination of documentary
and narrative techniques Nicklas’ style is raw and honest and he always approaches stories with great assiduity.
In 2015, Nicklas shot and directed his first documentary ‘BASHKIM’ (winner of Best Film at Danish Internet Awards)
and in 2018 he was shortlisted as ‘Best Emerging Artist’ along with a nomination for Best Film – ‘Beyond Borders’
in the lifestyle category at Berlin Fashion Film Festival.

Ever since Nicklas has created films and he loves everything about it —
feel free to reach out at any time whether it’s just an idea or a comissioned project.